Here at Happ Builders, we understand that your commercial project is a reflection of you, and can greatly determine your company’s future. You’ll find our team is unlike that of any other construction company in that our goal is to partner with you to create a building you’ll be proud of, and one that your employees will also look forward to working in. We look after every last detail to ensure you are completely satisfied from start to finish.

Whether you desire a large manufacturing facility or a small, quiet office, we can easily provide it for you. Our team has extensive commercial construction experience, which we will put to good use by helping you secure permits, choose the right design, and ensure all building and safety codes are met. We take great pride in your success, and look forward to the opportunity to help you grow your business during startup or through expansion or relocation.

In business since 1976, Happ Builders understands the unique needs of our educational clients when it comes to facility construction. Schools these days must provide space that is safe both physically and mentally, which is why the design process is so important. Our team of developers are experienced in ensuring your school building contains everything that’s needed for a productive learning environment, while also maintaining safety during inclement weather or the need to shelter in place.

Technology plays a big part in today’s classrooms. Here at Happ Builders, we’ll ensure your classrooms contain all the state-of-the-art connectivity that’s needed to give your students an academic edge. Our goal is to build a school that parents, teachers, and students will all be proud of, regardless of whether it is a public school, daycare, preschool, or private church school. No project is too big or too small for our team of professionals.

Erecting a municipal building has its own challenges. Not only must this building be highly accessible, but it should also be as cost-effective as possible. A building’s appearance is also a source of pride for many government agencies, so most are unwilling to sacrifice aesthetics to achieve these goals. Happ Builders is very familiar with the unique challenges posed by municipal facilities construction, and will not be daunted by their unique requirements.

Allow us to help you serve the public better by providing you with a building that meets all your requirements. Our flexible plans can also account for future growth, helping you to expand with your municipality’s growing population in a very economical fashion. We can also make it easier for more than one agency to share common space in order to reduce costs and streamline operations. Whatever your goals are, our facilities construction team will help you meet them as efficiently as possible.

About Us

Our business was started in 1976, and has been family-owned and operated ever since. We are one construction company that is dedicated to serving our community by giving back to it. Since the beginning, it has been a Happ family tradition to ensure top-quality construction techniques and on-time delivery of our services. The reputation our construction company has earned more than speaks for itself, and is something we strive every single day to maintain.

Throughout our 41 years in business, we have gained extensive experience in facilities construction, and are able to plan and build all types of structures. We never take shortcuts that might affect quality, and always pay careful attention to every detail to ensure the finished product is exactly what you desire. Our goal is to build a partnership with each and every one of our customers, and look forward to getting to know you in order to better serve your needs.

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