Municipal construction has its own unique challenges, since it is totally funded by the taxpayer. Choose a building that is too elaborate, and taxpayers will wonder why their money is being squandered. Design an inadequate structure, and you may not be able to fully meet the needs of your citizens. It’s a fine line to walk, which is why you need assistance from an experienced municipal construction company such as Happ builders. In business since 1979, we have extensive experience performing government construction projects of all sizes.

Meeting your Needs

As a leading Illinois municipal construction company, we have designed hundreds of projects over the years, meeting the unique needs of city, local, and county governments large and small. Our skilled team of designers can help you plan a project that is both cost-effective and efficient, allowing you to adequately serve your community while also staying well within budget. The end result is a structure you’ll be proud of and enjoy working in on a daily basis.

Location, Location, Location

We also understand that location is a primary consideration of any government construction project. Your building must be easily accessible to the public and provide plenty of parking space for visitors. This is often a challenge whenever there is a limited amount of space to build on or your existing structure needs to be expanded somewhat. Our multi-story structures can help you solve these dilemmas, and may even make it possible for you to consolidate two or more agencies under a single roof in order to streamline services.

Trust Us

Just because we are a family-owned and operated business does not mean we are not capable of performing municipal construction. Our well-rounded experience serves us very well when it comes to helping government agencies with all their building needs. Not only that, but we pride ourselves on the timely completion of all our projects, something that is extremely important if you are to earn the trust of your constituents. Let us help you plan your new project, utilizing our vast resources to come up with the perfect design for your agency.

  • “The work is done right and on time.”

    - John R.
  • “Loved Working with Happ Builders! They are on time and detailed oriented!”

    - Karen O

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